For BrickPacker to be able to download your orders it needs access to your orders on both BrickLink and Brick Owl. This is done by creating a key on both of these sites and then provide that information to BrickPacker. The process is described below. Due to changes on BrickLink password access can no longer be used to reliably to access BrickLink, when updating your profile make sure to setup API access for BrickLink.


Brick Owl API setup

 Go to your Brick Owl profile:


and select "API keys" in the menu on the resulting page click the "Add API key" button.

On this page you create a new API key. You should assign a name to remind you what the key is used for (I would suggest "BrickPacker Store sync")

From the check boxes below make sure that the boxes for:

  • Key Enabled

  • Store Orders View/Edit

  • Store Inventory View/Edit

are checked. All the other boxes should be unchecked since those permissions are not needed for store sync.

The API key is shown at the top and looks like this:

  • b6d5e2c70a3ba77a56b49ac7a95be93e1ba93ecf7c1234feed0862d56020284b

but the actual letters and number will be different and are specific to your store and the permissions you provide. This key needs to be copied and added to your profile:



BrickLink API setup

A brief introduction to the API is shown on this page:


The BrickLink API is only available to sellers and you need to register to use the BrickLink API with your account using the following page:


After you have registered your account you will need to create an access token for the BrickPacker website. At the bottom of the registration page there is a section called "Add Access Token" which is used to create an access token which would allow another site to use the API to access your account. To set this up for use with BrickPacker you would need to use the IP address:

  • 72 . 137 . 157 . 223

and IP mask:

  • 0 . 0 . 0 . 0

It is very important to use this IP mask, if you use the default IP mask then BrickPacker will not be able to access your inventory.

After you hit the 'Add' button you should see an entry in the Access token section.

This API information needs to be provided to BrickPacker so it knows how to connect to BrickLink. All the information you need to provide to BrickPacker can be found on this page:


and needs to be entered on your BrickPacker profile page:


Click on the edit profile button and you need to provide the four BrickLink fields at the bottom. You can cut and paste this information from the BrickLink page shown above. The fields are in the same order and have the same name on both pages and contain a series of letters and numbers. The first two fields are in the User information section and the last two fields are in the Access token section on the BrickLink page shown above. If you have more than one access token then you need to select the information from the token with allowed IP and mask IP



After creating the API key on Brick Owl and BrickLink you should update your BrickPacker profile (there is a link in the menu on the right). This provides the information needed for the order sync service. If you make any changes to your store setting on either site I suggest you check your profile to make sure it is up to date.

In order to enable BrickPacker to automatically sync your order you need to set the options :

  • "Download Orders"

  • "Sync Stores"

  • "Auto Sync (requires BL API information):"

to Yes.

This gives BrickPacker permission to download order information and sync the orders. If you want to disable syncing of orders you can set the "Auto Sync" option to "No".

The "From subject ending" field was used in a previous version of the software (together with the 'Sync email address') when emails were used to trigger the syncing of orders. This is no longer supported for new accounts and new users can simple enter the word "from" in this field.

When you hit the submit button it will save this information in the database and should start syncing orders that are placed or updated from that time forward. This sync happens every 15 minutes and you should receive an email (up to 20 minutes) after each order has been placed indicating it has been synced.



BrickLink Stockroom setting

In order for the sync to work without any errors you need to use multiple stockrooms which can be enabled on this page:


look for the option "Enable multiple stockrooms A, B and C on each item for sale" close to the bottom.

When an item is sold out on BrickLink it needs to be moved into a Stockroom. By default sold out items are put into stockroom A. The suggestion is to move items that are sold out on Brick Owl into stockroom 'B' and if there is an error (more items were sold on Brick Owl then there are available on BrickLink) then the item gets put into stockroom C.



Updating Inventory

When you add additional inventory to your store this inventory needs to be added to both sites so it is available for sale. Although there are different ways to do this the easiest is to upload you inventory to one of the sites anyway you like. After you have updated your inventory on one site you would then use the BrickPacker website to load that inventory to the other site to bring both sites in sync.

The first step in this process is to use the "1) Retrieve Store Inventory" option from the Inventory Pairing menu. This will download and compare your store inventory from both sites. Any changes it detects will be shown and options are provided to bring your inventory in sync.

If you make other changes to your inventory (for example changes to remarks or storage locations) you probably should also 'copy' these changes to the other site using the process above. When using BrickPacker to upload inventory it will also pair up lots on both sites so that the order sync should work (in this case ignore the section below). 


Inventory Pairing

If you did NOT use BrickPacker to copy inventory from one site to the other then you need to pair up inventory using the BrickPacker site. This pairing needs to be done every time you create new lots that are loaded on both sites and need to be synced.