In case a BO order has been synced (because it was already synced manually or the order has been cancelled) you can reverse the change by using the following process.


  • Go to the list of orders that have been synced (orders in the Main menu):
  • Select the Brick Owl order(s) for which you want to undo the changes by clicking the checkbox in the id column
  • After you have selected all orders then select the 'Create One BSX file' above the order list.
  • On the next page you click the download link at the bottom

This then should download a BPmerged.bsx file that contains all items in those orders.

Open the PBmerged.bsx file in BrickStore:

  • Verify that the number of lots and items is the same as those in the selected orders.
  • Next we multiply the quantity by 2 so that this BSX file has a record of the change in quantity for each lot which is what is uploaded
    • Select all lots (<Ctrl> + <A>)
    • From the menu select: Edit -> Quantity -> Multiply Quantity
    • Enter 2 in the box in click <Ok>
  • Get these changes so they can be uploaded to BrickLink
    • From the menu select: File -> Export -> BrickLink Mass-Update XML to clipboard


On Bricklink:

  • BrickStore should have opened up the correct Bricklink page but if not you can upload the changes here:
  • Paste the clipboard content in the last text box on that page 
  • Click the verify link below that and complete the upload